Michael Rousseau - Temescal WellnessThe Elements

“The Elements” arose from a desire to create a body of work based purely on texture and void of any overt imagery. Through previous experiments combining different materials, I discovered a method where the work would become so highly textural and organic that it started to evoke high altitude aerial landscapes.

These early experiments led to a small body of work resembling the four basic elements (earth, air, fire and water) which I use as the guiding theme and title.

This body of work was conceived to be atmospheric and to be more “livable” than my other work. They are designed to be a part of and to complement their environment.

Pictured: “Temescal” – 60″ diameter, 2018.

Ancient_Ocean - Michael Rousseau
Ancient Ocean – Michael Rousseau
24″ x 48″ – mixed media with epoxy.
Pangea - Michael Rousseau
Pangea – Michael Rousseau
42″ x 42″ – mixed media with epoxy.